A snapshot of the services of the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North

While taking care of your hair is a daily affair and not that you can avoid it (because it is among those firsts that people notice about you!), can you actually maintain and nurture it all by yourself forever? We know it is not possible – for various reasons. That is when the role of the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North comes into the picture. You would love to walk into a salon and get yourself all pampered, while the hairdresser suggests you the best picks of the season!

Gone are those days when hair was just another part of our body. Today, women carry it off as their piece of jewel, that can be accessorized and decorated as per the need, taste and mood of the lady! Well, as a matter of fact, today, hair plays such an important role that you can judge a person’s mood by their hairstyle. A lady with a pretty hairstyle may indicate that she is in a nice classy mood today. A man has his hair all messed up without any particular direction, maybe the man was running late today morning? You get the drill, right?


Services for women

The basics include

  • Haircut: The basic trim, straight cut or an advanced haircut – everything is included in this niche. There are tons of new hairstyles that can be mixed and matched too
  • Waxing: Hands, legs, full body or face – whatever type of waxing is required, you can just inform the salon staff and they can help you out
  • Facial: Facial cleaning or facial hair remover is the most common services offered. This also includes tan packs also to ensure that your skin tone is fresh and glowing
  • Threading, Manicure and Pedicure


  • Cleansing: This involves facial or body cleansing through facials
  • Haircut: There are tons of new haircuts that can be offered to men. If not, you can always
  • Shaving: Beard and moustache styling and shaving

Common services

Apart from the above gender-specific services, there are other common services like hair styling, colouring, massage services etc. Today’s salons are a one-stop shop. You just have to go there and tell them what you are expecting out of them. If it is related to beauty and relaxation services, then you have it.


Gone are those days when these services were a luxury. Today, all the best hairdressers have all services at affordable prices. However, you will have to be aware of the fact that the prices may vary depending on certain factors like –

  • Salon
  • Quality
  • Frequency

While all this is said and done, it is extremely important for you to be able to choose the right hairdresser for your hair. You cannot keep changing salons because you didn't like the previous one. The more you experiment with them, the more you are risking the best health of your hair. Confused about how to choose the best? Well, here are some quick tips –

  • Quality is the first thing you must see: There is no compromise on this tip. When you are headhunting for the best hairdresser, it is important that you have a look at the quality of services that they offer
  • Budget: This is the second tip for you to select the best. While the best hairdressers may promise you a lot of services, they top ones will always offer, along with quality affordability. They make sure that the services are pocket-friendly
  • Time took: A lot of people may not want to consider this, but it is a sign of good hairdressers. Since they are experts, they will take minimal time to offer the service. So, check out the time the salon is taking to offer the service to you
  • Products used: Last, but not the least – you must surely have a look at products that the hairdresser is using. Are they the best in town? If yes, then are they being used as per the rate? If they are not of the best quality – then why not?


Now that these services have become so common and the prices make it affordable to the common man, what are you waiting for? Just select the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North and leave the rest up to them. Your important step lies here itself – choosing the right hairdresser. Select the one that suits your preferences. Word of mouth, recommendations can act as a good source, but it is important that you test the services before you finalize them. To test, always choose a very small service that will not make a big difference.