How can hairdresser colour specialist offer you great services and consultation?

In this universe of consistently evolving patterns, hairs contribute an additional impact to the general magnificence of all the individuals. Hair color bestows a quick change to anybody's look. Already, long and black hairs were very popular. Yet, the design is changing with the evolving time. All these design changes have acquired different changes haircut. It has turned into a rage in the youths. Individuals from all age are going for hair colors to improve their appearance.

There isn't any preferred alternative over hair color to look and feel new and stylish. Superior hair color can truly make miracles to the whole look. It imparts a great deal of certainty level in the character. So as to spoil the viewpoint, one needs to go for hair color that suits his/her skin tone and color of eyes. Dull shades of burgundy, black and mahogany compliment in a superior manner to black hair color.

Based on the individual taste and interest, various hair colors are accessible in the market. Choosing hairdresser colour specialist for hair color relies on numerous elements, for example, hair style, outward appearance, eye-color, composition, face trim, hair length and individual taste.

Coloured Hairs

Distinctive hair color items are for the most part ordered under four noteworthy heads which are as per following:-

1.Temporary hair color: It is without peroxides and ammonia. It colors just the cuticle which blurs after single wash.

2.Semi-permanent hair colors: These hair colors are effectively blended with the characteristic hairs and blur away following a week or a month. It is utilized by the individuals who have almost 1/4th of silver hairs.

3.Demi-permanent Hair Colors: It comprises of a little measure of peroxides and ammonia. This hair color goes on for around couple of months.

4.Permanent Hair Colors: It contains enough of ammonia and peroxides. They last more and require application after 4—6 months. This hair color gets stored in the cortex.

Each individual dreams to look the most lovely, attracting and smart. They can effectively resemble that ideal magnum opus of magnificence. With the evolving time, the importance of looking wonderful has likewise changed. Excellence was recently related to the inborn magnificence of a person. Though, presently, magnificence can be accomplished from multiple points of view and hair color is one of the most effortless and requesting way. An individual with hair color can never be left unnoticed. The appearance of hair color is certain to make a dependable impact on the individuals around.

The most widely recognized patterns among people are hair highlighting and hair coloring. Hair highlight involves coloring of just couple of strands. Hair color changes your entire character, with the goal that individuals will see your essence. Naturally grown hair colors are the most looked for after items that get a total make-over.

There are different brands accessible in the market of various hair color items. Utilizing total unadulterated home grown henna and other regular items, diverse hair colors like Burgundy, Natural Black, Golden Brown, Chestnut Brown, Orange, Mahogany, Lemon Hair Colors are accessible. For the total data on a wide range of unadulterated normal natural hair hues, it would be ideal if you visit to the hair colour specialist Melbourne in your locality.

A hairdresser colour specialist will not only just offer great services, but also offer great consultation regarding hair color, before hair color services and after hair color services to take care of your hair. Raw Element salon has the best hair colour specialist, that can offer you the great services and consultation when needed.

Everything You Need to Know About Curly Hair Extensions Melbourne

If you are blessed with curly hair then I’m sure you’re more than aware that styling your curly hairs can be a serious mission. Now imagine having to style a few extra inches of extensions on top of your curls. Sounds like a total nightmare, right? Here i'm going to tell you that not only can it be done, but it’s actually quite easy.

For curly hair women, extensions can be somewhat intimidating when it comes to finding a matching curl, styling the hair without flaw, and keeping up the extensions. However, if you didn’t know already, the salons are here with curly hair extensions Melbourne with a tighter, kinkier curl that superbly matches those beautiful, natural curls in your hair. Let us tell you why you should give our curls a try!

Curly Hair Extensions

Who should use hair extensions?

Our most of the customers are people who are transitioning, who may not feel good with their current length or hair thickness. curly extensions are astounding for expanding your look while you grow your hair! These extensions are great for everybody who wants to add more length, thickness, or fullness to the appearance of their hair.

How these are even made?

Curly hair extensions Melbourne is very genuine. They are made two unique ways. First one is synthetically, where the hair is permed to make the curl, and second one is by steaming, where the hair is put on a rod and set with steam (sort of like a flexirod set, however permanent).

Why Clip-Ins hair extensions?

Clip-ins hair extensions allow you to wear different versatile styles and they’re easy enough to insert and remove. Also they only take approx 15 minutes to install. These clip-ins extensions can be fit to your hair, if they are at least 4 to 5 inches of length (from the scalp). Cutting and colouring on these extensions are also applicable, but keep in mind for such things go to a stylist for help.

How do wash hair extensions?

You will have to cleanse the hair, and then while it’s soaking wet, hydrate it and leave them to soak in a plastic zip lock for a while, then rinse that out and leave it for drying. Keep in mind if you wear extensions every day, make sure you wash them at least once in a week and refresh them in between washes with water.

What about drying curly hair extensions?

To accelerate the drying process we recommends isolating the curls and letting them air dry. But if you’re in a rush you can also use the diffuser. Make sure your hair and the curly hair extensions are totally dry before applying them, otherwise you’ll be adding even more weight and tension to your scalp which can strain your extension.

Do hair extensions damage your natural hair?

Although very safe, there ought to be special care and caution taken while wearing them. It is good to seek to seek an expert that has expertise in extensions but also specializes in curly hair textures. They can help you learn about proper placement. Most quality extension producers will have a catalog and can associate you with an expert that knows about their line.

How do I install and remove curly hair extensions?

Hair extension installation is everything. As already told, a stylist can help you through exactly how to install your clip-ins, but there are some pretty easy rules to follow:

Have you tried curly hair extensions Melbourne before? Get it done from professionals like Raw Element? Share your thoughts and requirement with us!

Why Choose Raw Element as A Best Hairdresser in Fitzroy?

Looking for the best hairdresser in Fitzroy? Look no further than the crew is here. We adore what we do, and we do it well. We're generally vigilant for new people to join the salon. We are a brilliant and fun salon situated in the heart of Melbourne with an attention on ability and enthusiasm, brought to you in a beautiful, comfortable setting.

Victoria Street is the perfect home for us. We are a group of very passionate, talented hair stylists who listen to what you want, and have the skill to deliver the most fabulous hair, no matter who you are.

Here are 5 reasons why best hairdresser Fitzroy is sure to win you over.

1. We celebrate all people

Regardless of your look, your age or your creed, we cherish you! Raw Element is established with the aim of love with a pledge to brilliance. In our group, we are all very different beauticians and very different people.

Best Hairdressing

We aren’t just one thing. On any random day, you can discover us exceeding expectations in great work, while additionally conveying the ideal topsy-turvy and short hairstyles. Despite what it is we're doing, our focus is to do it to the most astounding standard. From a world-class balayage or hair painting, to a dry cut, curly hair style or great long haircut, we have the stylist for you.

2. Latest technologies covered

Not exclusively is our MUK hair colour is the world in terms of ingredients, hair condition and vibrancy, however did you realize that we are the best hairdresser Fitzroy for keratin smoothing?

We needed to put resources into and find out about approaches to improve the state of hair, making it look and feel good and taking out frizz simultaneously. We attempted and tried such huge numbers of brands before in the end arrival on the brilliant Cezanne Keratin Smoothing.

In our salon, we need your hair to dependably do what it specializes in, normally; keratin smoothing is the most ideal approach to get that going. Cezanne Keratin Smoothing is 100% normal and non dangerous and is one of the longest enduring keratin hair treatment accessible.

3. 100% Tested Products

Great hair shouldn’t come at a cost to the earth, and nowadays, there's basically no requirement for it to. In our salon, each of our products or colours has been tested and is 100% reliable.

Quality Hair Products

We use the remarkable Melbourne brand MUK for our hair colour and styling items. All MUK items and hair colour are pure vegan and not tried on animals and they all have the PETA stamp of approval.

MUK hair colour is also:

  • PPD free
  • Low ammonia
  • Vegan
  • Reparative and restorative

4. Health of Your hair is our priority

Disulphide bond builders are the best thing to happen to hairdressing in quite a while. The main issue is that, the market is presently overflowed with cheap and low quality brands of bond builders. With so much choice accessible, it's imperative that you opt for a prevalent quality bond builder that is really going to improve the state of your hair.

That’s where we come in! Like with our keratin smoothing treatments, we are committed to making the best products available to our clients. When it comes to disulphide bond builders, we only use quality materials instead of using cheap and low quality products.

5. Learning is our focus

To be the best hairdressers Fitzroy, you have to work hard and constantly learn.

Learning is a obligatory practice at Delilah. We do a few training sessions with MUK every year to stayup to date with balayage and hair-painting, wedding hairstyles and advanced cutting. We really want you to come and give us a go—we look forward to seeing you in our Raw Element salon soon!

Hair Colour Specialist Melbourne Offer Service Based on Your Hair Type and Style

Have you at any point pondered what your hair would look like in case you were a brunette or blonde? With such a large number of color decisions, it's easy to be overpowered and a little on edge about changing your hair color as it may not turn out the manner in which you trusted. It is constantly vital to see a hair colour specialist Melbourne in case you need to color your hair we have all observed the loathsomeness' when novices fail to understand the situation and what was intended to be a nectar blonde winds up being a dazzling green shade. We would like to settle on your decision somewhat simpler by demonstrating to you that it is so easy to pick the correct hair color for your skin type.


Blonde Color With Dark Colored Hair Highlights:

This is imaginative hair color which includes a two tone impact of red/dark hair highlights to give the cool blonde tone a trace of warmth and to truly flaunt the face surrounding layers to flawlessness. This hair color will work best on olive skins.


Dark Red:

We as a whole love our red tones however can generally be somewhat attentive about having them done as red is a splendid and out there hair color. This hair color needs a great deal of hair color however it truly complements a decent hairdo totally making the style, cut and hair color look incredible. This hair color will look best on dark and olive compositions.


Mocha Brown:

In case you want to keep your color basic and successful, at that point this is the ideal tone for you. This hair color will give your hair a beautiful gleam however will likewise flaunt the style in the entirety of its magnificence. This tone will suit pale to light, olive, peaches and cream and dark appearances. It is significant nonpartisan color Honey Blonde this warmish blonde can supplement your style in all the correct ways; however it is very high touch up and maintenance will be required consistently to keep this hair color continually putting its best self forward. This hair color will suit reasonable for light and peaches and cream appearances.


Copper Blonde:

In case you want to emerge, at that point genuine copper blonde is the best approach. This hair color will truly flaunt every last trace of an edgy cut. This hair color will function admirably on peaches and cream and pale to light compositions.

In case you are going to experience the day of a life-time searching for another style for your uncommon day or just someone needing to overhaul your picture the web offers incredible present day innovation where you can attempt before you purchase. It works by you transferring your own picture and attempting heaps of various haircuts and color to perceive how you will look before you focus on really hair style or hair colors it.

Have a ton of fun in our virtual hair studio. Raw Element has the best hair colour specialist Melbourne Consultants and individual beauticians who have an abundance of involvement in the hair and beauty industry. We will enable you to deal with your closet guarantee you realize what to look like great. Give color examination, individual styling, individual shopping and closet Management. It's the point to patch up the manner in which you consider yourself help you to improve your appearance and begin rolling out those positive improvements throughout your life which will make you as well as can be expected be.


A snapshot of the services of the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North

While taking care of your hair is a daily affair and not that you can avoid it (because it is among those firsts that people notice about you!), can you actually maintain and nurture it all by yourself forever? We know it is not possible – for various reasons. That is when the role of the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North comes into the picture. You would love to walk into a salon and get yourself all pampered, while the hairdresser suggests you the best picks of the season!

Gone are those days when hair was just another part of our body. Today, women carry it off as their piece of jewel, that can be accessorized and decorated as per the need, taste and mood of the lady! Well, as a matter of fact, today, hair plays such an important role that you can judge a person’s mood by their hairstyle. A lady with a pretty hairstyle may indicate that she is in a nice classy mood today. A man has his hair all messed up without any particular direction, maybe the man was running late today morning? You get the drill, right?


Services for women

The basics include

  • Haircut: The basic trim, straight cut or an advanced haircut – everything is included in this niche. There are tons of new hairstyles that can be mixed and matched too
  • Waxing: Hands, legs, full body or face – whatever type of waxing is required, you can just inform the salon staff and they can help you out
  • Facial: Facial cleaning or facial hair remover is the most common services offered. This also includes tan packs also to ensure that your skin tone is fresh and glowing
  • Threading, Manicure and Pedicure


  • Cleansing: This involves facial or body cleansing through facials
  • Haircut: There are tons of new haircuts that can be offered to men. If not, you can always
  • Shaving: Beard and moustache styling and shaving

Common services

Apart from the above gender-specific services, there are other common services like hair styling, colouring, massage services etc. Today’s salons are a one-stop shop. You just have to go there and tell them what you are expecting out of them. If it is related to beauty and relaxation services, then you have it.


Gone are those days when these services were a luxury. Today, all the best hairdressers have all services at affordable prices. However, you will have to be aware of the fact that the prices may vary depending on certain factors like –

  • Salon
  • Quality
  • Frequency

While all this is said and done, it is extremely important for you to be able to choose the right hairdresser for your hair. You cannot keep changing salons because you didn't like the previous one. The more you experiment with them, the more you are risking the best health of your hair. Confused about how to choose the best? Well, here are some quick tips –

  • Quality is the first thing you must see: There is no compromise on this tip. When you are headhunting for the best hairdresser, it is important that you have a look at the quality of services that they offer
  • Budget: This is the second tip for you to select the best. While the best hairdressers may promise you a lot of services, they top ones will always offer, along with quality affordability. They make sure that the services are pocket-friendly
  • Time took: A lot of people may not want to consider this, but it is a sign of good hairdressers. Since they are experts, they will take minimal time to offer the service. So, check out the time the salon is taking to offer the service to you
  • Products used: Last, but not the least – you must surely have a look at products that the hairdresser is using. Are they the best in town? If yes, then are they being used as per the rate? If they are not of the best quality – then why not?


Now that these services have become so common and the prices make it affordable to the common man, what are you waiting for? Just select the best Hairdresser Fitzroy North and leave the rest up to them. Your important step lies here itself – choosing the right hairdresser. Select the one that suits your preferences. Word of mouth, recommendations can act as a good source, but it is important that you test the services before you finalize them. To test, always choose a very small service that will not make a big difference.