Everything You Need to Know About Curly Hair Extensions Melbourne

If you are blessed with curly hair then I’m sure you’re more than aware that styling your curly hairs can be a serious mission. Now imagine having to style a few extra inches of extensions on top of your curls. Sounds like a total nightmare, right? Here i'm going to tell you that not only can it be done, but it’s actually quite easy.

For curly hair women, extensions can be somewhat intimidating when it comes to finding a matching curl, styling the hair without flaw, and keeping up the extensions. However, if you didn’t know already, the salons are here with curly hair extensions Melbourne with a tighter, kinkier curl that superbly matches those beautiful, natural curls in your hair. Let us tell you why you should give our curls a try!

Curly Hair Extensions

Who should use hair extensions?

Our most of the customers are people who are transitioning, who may not feel good with their current length or hair thickness. curly extensions are astounding for expanding your look while you grow your hair! These extensions are great for everybody who wants to add more length, thickness, or fullness to the appearance of their hair.

How these are even made?

Curly hair extensions Melbourne is very genuine. They are made two unique ways. First one is synthetically, where the hair is permed to make the curl, and second one is by steaming, where the hair is put on a rod and set with steam (sort of like a flexirod set, however permanent).

Why Clip-Ins hair extensions?

Clip-ins hair extensions allow you to wear different versatile styles and they’re easy enough to insert and remove. Also they only take approx 15 minutes to install. These clip-ins extensions can be fit to your hair, if they are at least 4 to 5 inches of length (from the scalp). Cutting and colouring on these extensions are also applicable, but keep in mind for such things go to a stylist for help.

How do wash hair extensions?

You will have to cleanse the hair, and then while it’s soaking wet, hydrate it and leave them to soak in a plastic zip lock for a while, then rinse that out and leave it for drying. Keep in mind if you wear extensions every day, make sure you wash them at least once in a week and refresh them in between washes with water.

What about drying curly hair extensions?

To accelerate the drying process we recommends isolating the curls and letting them air dry. But if you’re in a rush you can also use the diffuser. Make sure your hair and the curly hair extensions are totally dry before applying them, otherwise you’ll be adding even more weight and tension to your scalp which can strain your extension.

Do hair extensions damage your natural hair?

Although very safe, there ought to be special care and caution taken while wearing them. It is good to seek to seek an expert that has expertise in extensions but also specializes in curly hair textures. They can help you learn about proper placement. Most quality extension producers will have a catalog and can associate you with an expert that knows about their line.

How do I install and remove curly hair extensions?

Hair extension installation is everything. As already told, a stylist can help you through exactly how to install your clip-ins, but there are some pretty easy rules to follow:

Have you tried curly hair extensions Melbourne before? Get it done from professionals like Raw Element? Share your thoughts and requirement with us!