Why Choose Raw Element as A Best Hairdresser in Fitzroy?

Looking for the best hairdresser in Fitzroy? Look no further than the crew is here. We adore what we do, and we do it well. We're generally vigilant for new people to join the salon. We are a brilliant and fun salon situated in the heart of Melbourne with an attention on ability and enthusiasm, brought to you in a beautiful, comfortable setting.

Victoria Street is the perfect home for us. We are a group of very passionate, talented hair stylists who listen to what you want, and have the skill to deliver the most fabulous hair, no matter who you are.

Here are 5 reasons why best hairdresser Fitzroy is sure to win you over.

1. We celebrate all people

Regardless of your look, your age or your creed, we cherish you! Raw Element is established with the aim of love with a pledge to brilliance. In our group, we are all very different beauticians and very different people.

Best Hairdressing

We aren’t just one thing. On any random day, you can discover us exceeding expectations in great work, while additionally conveying the ideal topsy-turvy and short hairstyles. Despite what it is we're doing, our focus is to do it to the most astounding standard. From a world-class balayage or hair painting, to a dry cut, curly hair style or great long haircut, we have the stylist for you.

2. Latest technologies covered

Not exclusively is our MUK hair colour is the world in terms of ingredients, hair condition and vibrancy, however did you realize that we are the best hairdresser Fitzroy for keratin smoothing?

We needed to put resources into and find out about approaches to improve the state of hair, making it look and feel good and taking out frizz simultaneously. We attempted and tried such huge numbers of brands before in the end arrival on the brilliant Cezanne Keratin Smoothing.

In our salon, we need your hair to dependably do what it specializes in, normally; keratin smoothing is the most ideal approach to get that going. Cezanne Keratin Smoothing is 100% normal and non dangerous and is one of the longest enduring keratin hair treatment accessible.

3. 100% Tested Products

Great hair shouldn’t come at a cost to the earth, and nowadays, there's basically no requirement for it to. In our salon, each of our products or colours has been tested and is 100% reliable.

Quality Hair Products

We use the remarkable Melbourne brand MUK for our hair colour and styling items. All MUK items and hair colour are pure vegan and not tried on animals and they all have the PETA stamp of approval.

MUK hair colour is also:

  • PPD free
  • Low ammonia
  • Vegan
  • Reparative and restorative

4. Health of Your hair is our priority

Disulphide bond builders are the best thing to happen to hairdressing in quite a while. The main issue is that, the market is presently overflowed with cheap and low quality brands of bond builders. With so much choice accessible, it's imperative that you opt for a prevalent quality bond builder that is really going to improve the state of your hair.

That’s where we come in! Like with our keratin smoothing treatments, we are committed to making the best products available to our clients. When it comes to disulphide bond builders, we only use quality materials instead of using cheap and low quality products.

5. Learning is our focus

To be the best hairdressers Fitzroy, you have to work hard and constantly learn.

Learning is a obligatory practice at Delilah. We do a few training sessions with MUK every year to stayup to date with balayage and hair-painting, wedding hairstyles and advanced cutting. We really want you to come and give us a go—we look forward to seeing you in our Raw Element salon soon!